Zoltan Janota
Wet Plate Collodion Photography

Wet plate collodion photography is photography in its purest form, far from the predictability of digital and film. It dates from a time when building cameras of precious wood required a great deal of craftsmanship and passion; lenses had to be ground by hand and sitting for a portrait was an exceptional event.
Having your portrait taken means being part of the entire process. Taking a single photo often requires more than half an hour, and due to the complexity of the process, the outcome is far from certain.

The final result, however, is well worth it - a unique image, formed by a wispy layer of silver on a fragile sheet of glass.
The process has not changed throughout the years, and the chemical formula used to produce these images is still the same as the early pioneers of photography employed.
Flaws or artefacts are part of the wet collodion process due to imperfections in the lens, camera or simply because each plate is poured and processed by hand, exactly the way it has been done over 150 years ago.
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